2036 Seventh St. | New Orleans | 70115
Architecture: URBANbuild of Tulane School of Architecture

Built 2009, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1200 square feet

Over the course of the past seven years, Tulane’s URBANbuild program has realized a body of work in collaboration with a number of local community partners, vendors and material suppliers. Many of the projects have been realized in collaboration with Neighborhood Housing Services of New Orleans. Along this journey we have attempted to develop responsible housing prototypes with reliance upon our understanding of the common cultural needs of the local environment, the limits of our regional
workforce and a growing awareness of what is considered to be affordable.

The fourth completed prototype explores the relationship of public and private spaces in connection to the street scape. With a focus on sustainability, prototype 04 reached LEED Silver certification. The house takes advantage of its corner lot through fenestration and porches, generating an engagement of the house within the neighborhood while simultaneously providing privacy for the homeowner. The polycarbonate screening system creates the opportunity for an adjustable transparency of the facade in relation to desired lighting and visual connection to the street.

As our design/build program continues to grow, updates may always be accessed via www.URBANbuild.tulane.edu.

Question may be directed to Byron Mouton via bmouton@tulane.edu.

Our many thanks is extended to all supporters and believers.


[team] robert baddour, amanda brendle, ben flatau, monica breziner, nicholas cecchi, katie champagne, nick chan, chad cramer, susan n. danielson, shannon farrell, matt fox, kevin garfield, lauren goetz, royce evan gracey, corey green, meaghan hartney, matthew hostetler, colm m. kennedy, joseph keppel, peter kilgust, nicolas mallet, lauren martino, suzanne monaco, emily orgeron, jp pacelli, marian prado, marie richard, gregor schuller, kevin tully, karla valdivia, colin vanwingen, bliss young

Faculty Directors: Byron Mouto, Emilie Taylor and Sam Richards
Contractor of Record: Anthony Christiana

Photography by Will Crocker

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