7721 Leake Avenue | New Orleans | 70118
Architecture: bildDESIGN

Built 2011, 2 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom, 3900 square feet

The Leake Avenue residence is the home and studio of the architect and principal of bildDESIGN, Byron Mouton. The dwelling is located on high ground adjacent the Mississippi river in the New Orleans Black Pearl neighborhood, and is one of a collection of two adjacent structures. A third building is planned to occupy a remaining adjacent lot.

The scheme possesses a small footprint in effort to leave more ground undisturbed. It capitalizes on a vertical strategy that provides unique visual access to the river, while also raising the occupants above the noise and activity of the adjacent throughways of vehicle, rail and river traffic. The palette of materials is a collection of common ‘off the shelf’ products used in creative ways, and this approach is a recognized quality of the architect’s work. Additional information on the work of the firm may be found at .

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